YOFC Global Promotes Intelligent Automotive Fiber Optic Communication Solution

January 23, 2024
Latest company news about YOFC Global Promotes Intelligent Automotive Fiber Optic Communication Solution

Currently, the global automotive industry is undergoing the most profound transformation in a century, with the rapid development of automotive electrification and intelligence technology. The large number of electronic components and ultra large capacity batteries make the design of electromagnetic shielding for the entire vehicle increasingly complex. At the same time, the extensive use of in car cameras, various radars, in car artificial intelligence and other applications will increase the in car data communication speed to 10, 25, 50Gbps or even higher. Therefore, the traditional carrier of automotive communication - copper wire, can no longer support the demand for high-speed communication in vehicles. Quartz fiber optic, which has multiple advantages such as high bandwidth, low loss, no crosstalk, no electromagnetic interference, small size, low weight, etc., has begun to enter the automotive field and is expected to usher in a new round of "light advance and copper retreat" in the automotive industry.


To further develop the electrification and intelligence of automobiles, YOFC Fiber Optic Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "YOFC") With 35 years of technological accumulation in the field of fiber optic transmission, we have launched intelligent automotive fiber optic communication solutions. This scheme is based on the vehicle Ethernet architecture and the vehicle grade quartz fiber optic communication standard IEEE802.3CZ. The vehicle's own electrical signals are converted into optical signals through photoelectric conversion modules. The signal transmission is carried out using the vehicle optical connector and the vehicle quartz multimode fiber optic cable as the physical layer transmission medium. It has the characteristics of high speed, high reliability, low loss, anti electromagnetic interference, easy installation, and lightweight, This plan will significantly improve the electrification and intelligence level of vehicles, enhance their safety and reliability, and reduce vehicle energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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1. High speed:


The YOFC Intelligent Automotive Fiber Optic Communication Solution retains the high transmission rate characteristics of fiber optic communication. In the vehicle Ethernet architecture, the point-to-point transmission rate supports 2.5, 5, 10, 25 to 50Gbit/s, and its bandwidth is much higher than copper wire or coaxial cable, which can support higher speed data transmission and meet the communication needs of vehicle systems for large data volume and high real-time performance.


2. High reliability


YOFC Intelligent Automotive Fiber Optic Communication Solution can meet all the reliability standards of current copper cable communication solutions and adapt to various harsh environments that may be encountered during vehicle operation.

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3. Low loss


The transmission signal loss of optical cables in YOFC Intelligent Automotive Fiber Optic Communication Solution is extremely low, with a loss of less than 0.004dB per meter. Generally speaking, as the frequency of the signal increases, the loss of copper cables also increases. However, this solution overcomes this problem. In high-speed signal transmission scenarios, low loss long haul optical cables can greatly improve the communication quality over long distances in vehicles.


4. Anti electromagnetic interference


The transmission core of YOFC optical cable is mainly made of quartz material, which naturally has electrical insulation properties; Unlike electromagnetic signals, signals in optical cables are transmitted in the form of light waves and are not affected by electromagnetic interference. Therefore, YOFC Intelligent Automotive Fiber Optic Communication Solution has extremely strong anti-interference ability, which can ensure stable transmission in complex electromagnetic environments and is suitable for various in vehicle communication scenarios that require high anti-interference performance.


5. Easy to install


YOFC optical cable has extremely strong mechanical properties, is bendable, has high compression resistance, and is suitable for wiring in narrow spaces inside vehicles. At the same time, when using YOFC Intelligent Automotive Fiber Optic Communication Solution for wiring, there is no need to consider electromagnetic interference and grounding settings, which will provide vehicle wiring with much more convenience than traditional copper cables.


6. Lightweight


The weight of YOFC Fiber Optic Cable is less than 30% of STP, and its lightweight characteristics can help reduce the weight of the entire vehicle, reduce operating costs, and promote the development of low-carbon and environmental protection strategies in the automotive industry.


Main technical indicators of YOFC Intelligent Automotive Fiber Optic Communication Solution

Item Indicator Reference standards
Application Vehicle Ethernet IEEE802.3cz
Transmission speed 2.5,5,10,25,50Gbps IEEE802.3cz
Photoelectric conversion VCSEL/850&980nm IEEE802.3cz
Working temperature -40~125℃ IEEE802.3cz
Vibration resistance Vibration level V3 QCT 1067.1
Transmission medium Vehicle mounted 50um gradient refractive index multimode fiber IEEE802.3cz
Optical cable attenuation coefficient ≤40.dB/km @850nm&980m IEEE802.3cz
Effective mode bandwidth of optical cable @ 850nm ≥2000 MHz. km IEEE802.3cz
Effective mode bandwidth of optical cable @980nm ≥950 MHz. km IEEE802.3cz
Power dissipation ≤1w -
Transmission distance 40m IEEE802.3cz
Support the number of connectors 4pcs IEEE802.3cz
Cable diameter 3±0.2mm -
Min. Bend radius 10mm IEC 60794-1-21
Tension 100N IEC 60794-1-21
Crush 105kg Rolling IEC 60794-1-21
Impact A metal cylinder with a diameter of 30mm and a mass of 1kg is subjected to a 50mm drop impact IEC 60794-1-21
Twist Fixture distance 50mm, twist angle 360 ° and release IEC 60794-1-21
Flame retardancy Vertical ignition for 15 seconds, flame extinguishes within 30 seconds ISO 19642-2


The main technical indicators of YOFC Intelligent Automotive Fiber Optic Communication Solution meet or exceed the vehicle specification level

Quartz fiber optic communication standards IEEE802.3cz and SO24581 (to be released), detailed technical specifications can be obtained by contacting YOFC.



YOFC is a leading global supplier of fiber optic preforms, fibers, optical cables, and comprehensive solutions, with a market share that has remained the world's number one for seven consecutive years (2016 present). YOFC has been deeply involved in the optical communication industry for 35 years, adhering to the mission of "smart connection for a better life". This time, it has launched an intelligent automotive fiber optic communication solution, which will greatly help the upgrading and development of the automotive industry. I believe that in the near future, with the widespread application of this plan, it will definitely bring new trends and changes to the intelligent development of the automotive industry. We will work together with partners in the automotive quartz fiber optic communication industry chain to contribute to the new development of the automotive industry.


About YOFC


YOFC is a technology innovation oriented enterprise focusing on the fiber optic cable industry chain and comprehensive solutions. It is a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, one of the first batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises, and a national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise. It ranks 9th on the 2020 Top 100 Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises in China, and has won authoritative awards such as the National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize (3 times), the National Quality Award, and the European Quality Award. It has obtained more than 900 domestic and foreign patents and has become a supporting unit for the National Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing and Application Technology of Fiber optic Cable (the only one in the industry), as well as an important member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in the formulation of standards.


All fiber optic related products of our company Yingda use YOFC fiber if customer not specify fiber brands, which are reliable in quality, stable and durable. Please rest assured when purchasing.