Yingda Photonic Releases Fully Automatic Prefabricated End Cable Cutting Machine

January 23, 2024
Latest company news about Yingda Photonic Releases Fully Automatic Prefabricated End Cable Cutting Machine

Introduction: Early 2024, Yingda Photonic has launched a fully automatic prefabricated end cutting machine, which can replace conventional fiber optic cable winding equipment, greatly improve the production efficiency of fiber optic cable manufacturers and fiber optic connector manufacturers, reduce production costs, and gain greater market share and opportunities.



In recent years, with the accelerated development of the digital economy, the growth of the fixed broadband market has been further promoted, bringing huge opportunities for fiber optic cable manufacturers and also leading to an increase in manufacturing costs for manufacturers. Therefore, how to reduce costs and increase efficiency has become the primary issue that current fiber optic cable manufacturers need to consider. The fully automatic prefabricated end cutting machine launched by Yingda photonic this time can replace conventional fiber optic cable take-up equipment, greatly improving the production efficiency of fiber optic cable manufacturers and fiber optic connector manufacturers.


Cable Cutting Machine Introduction


This equipment is connected to the optical cable production line for online operation, replacing the conventional optical cable winding frame. Without increasing the number of optical cable production line operators, the optical cable can be directly cut, packaged, labeled, and stacked according to the required size and section length (optional). The fully automatic PLC program precise control and professional clamp design can solve the traditional production mode of first producing large roll optical cables, and then manually cutting and packaging large roll optical cables, In today's high labor costs and high product quality requirements, this equipment can greatly save cutting personnel, reduce production costs, and improve product quality.


Cable Cutting Machine Advantages


  • Capacity achievement: achieving unmanned diskless packaging and precise length cutting of optical cables without changing the production speed;
  • Quality achievement: The cutting length error of the product is less than 0.2%, with a one-time pass rate of 99%, ensuring the maximum cutting quality of the optical cable;
  • Process efficiency improvement: Cancel the cutting process and change the production mode to fiber optic cable production&cutting packaging → inspection → warehousing;
  • Personnel reduction: By canceling the cutting process, a single machine can save 2 cutting personnel per shift, 4 people per day, and save quality control personnel from full inspection to random inspection and no need for packaging personnel;
  • Improved inventory turnover rate: Cut fixed length optical cables online as needed to improve inventory turnover efficiency;
  • Save on reel tail cables: Cut the cables directly according to the length of the section, without the need for reel turnover, and without waste of cutting tail cables.


Yingda photonic is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of high-end production equipment in the optical communication industry, and is a reliable automation equipment provider in the fiber optic cable industry. Yingda photonic can provide manufacturing equipment solutions including full process equipment for indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable production processes, and continuously strengthen its own research and innovation capabilities. In addition, Yingda photonic always insists on putting customers at the center, providing customers with full production customer service and operational support, and fully ensuring the smooth operation of the fiber optic cable production line.


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