What is PVC vs LSZH vs OFNP ?

July 22, 2021
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Now on market there are normally 3materials for fiber optic indoor cable, what is the difference? Many people are wondering about it, so today, let's find out this mystery.


PVC Resistant to oxidation and degradation. It is commonly used for horizontal runs from the wiring centre. Heavy black smoke.
LSZH Has a special fame-retardant coating. It is used between floors in a building.
Low smoke, low toxicity.
OFNP A space within the building created by building components, designed for the movement of air. It is usually work for vertical runs between floors.
Plenum, self-extinguishing.


Below is the photo after fire it:

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How to choose fiber optic cables with different outer sheath materials?
In order to prevent and reduce the probability of fires in cabling scenarios such as data centers, you must know which level your data center belongs to, what purpose it is used for, and what special requirements, etc., so that you can choose different external protections based on standards.

1. According to the layout area
Generally speaking, Plenum fiber optic cables are suitable for use in horizontal wiring areas and air-filled environments (conveying pipes, air handling systems). This kind of environment has air circulation and fires are difficult to control. Therefore, the use of OFNP flame retardant fiber optic cables is The best choice;

Riser/PVC fiber optic cables are suitable for use in the vertical backbone wiring area to provide the connection between entrance equipment or computer rooms and communication cabinets on different floors. The possibility of large-scale fires is small, and the flame retardant level reaches OFNR.

LSZH fiber optic cables are often used in general areas, even if a fire occurs, because the smoke released by it is non-toxic, it can avoid injury to rescuers.


2.According to the grade and size of the data center.
Because data centers of different sizes have different effects after a fire, the US NEC standard recommends fiber optic cables suitable for different environments.

Generally, Plenum fiber optic cables are suitable for use in large/super large data centers, fault-tolerant/parallel maintenance data centers;

Riser/PVC fiber optic cables are commonly used in medium data centers, redundant data centers.

LSZH fiber optic cables Cables are often used in small data centers and general corporate computer rooms.

Of course, the outer sheath of the optical fiber cable is only part of the prevention and control of fire. To better reduce the risk and loss of fire, the planning of the wiring scene in the early stage and the layout of the fire warning in the later stage are indispensable. Ensure data center security.